This boy. This beautiful boy. His smile lit up your day, made your worries simply fade away.

He had his own worries, but you’d never have known it. Like worrying about how to pick up his pencil that slipped out of his weakened fingers, or the simple need to blow his nose. He couldn’t even lift his own hands to his face, his own body wasting away by disease. But, he never complained and he did everything thing possible in his limited world. He knew this disease was his life sentence, but no one else knew how hard he struggled because it was the love of life that he lived. The love of life in his banter, his curiosity, his gracious manner, and his encouragement. Yes, from his wheelchair prison, he encouraged us. He taught us in his short life, defining the true meaning of living. I hope the impact he made upon my life is evident in my encouragement of others and that I have made him proud.


  • George Kochert

    Awesome Post that is truly from the Heart!
    You and Mike were very close and you gave him the extra strength which he used in facing life with a positive attitude. He accomplished more and had a positive impact on more people lives than most men 3 times his young age of 13 years.

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