Is Video Gaming Addictive?  Even at 11?

Is Video Gaming Addictive? Even at 11?

Addiction has come way too close to home. When I asked my child to stop playing the video game and eat dinner last week, you'd really think from their reaction that their world as they knew it was coming to an end. This unfortunately was not my only experience with video gaming withdrawal symptoms that included begging, crying, screaming, and slamming...Not to mention the emotions my child was displaying when the video games were shut down... The scariest part of this addiction is that the games are actually encouraging my child to be anxious if they are not always playing. The most severe episode of withdrawal was when a game shut my child out for several days when the number of minutes the game demanded were not met. I had told him it was time to stop and get ready for bed. "But I can't stop!" my child desperately screamed at me, unable to fully explain the situation because their mind...
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