Sometimes a smile is all I have to give.  In a frustrating, time-restricted world I can succumb to my own fret…

But, I can always muster a smile.  And that smile travels far – from me to the impatient person in the checkout line behind me shifting their weight in disapproval as I hem haw between the flavors of gum before I commit to the pack that I finally hand the cashier, softening the waiting customer’s facial expression.  This spreads into a smile that they share with the cashier as they finally get their turn to check-out.  The hangry cashier who hasn’t had a chance to eat her lunch since the line has not let up for what seems an eternity, sees the friendly customer and for a moment forgets her lunch and begins a chummy chatter.  When the manager walks by, seeing the cashier sharing a welcoming smile in her check-out line, the manager’s pride in his team swells, making an instant smile spread across his face and he instinctively shares cheerful greetings to the customers entering the store.  A hurried mother with two children in tow rushes by, but she feels the manager’s positive energy as she passes and looks down at her two little ones.  She gives them a smile of fondness and appreciation, a look that will never go unnoticed.

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