We, the human race, are not built for this…

While skimming the news this week, I read that humans are terrible multitaskers.  It turns out that trying to accomplish more than one thing at a time actually reduces your focus and productivity.

And all this time I’ve been praising myself and others for over-committing our to-do lists and schedules in order to “get it all done”.  I guess we’ve been doing a lot, but not very well!

A perfect example of the multitasking myth…You can’t get very far sucking your thumb and snuggling a blanket while riding your trike! 

Can you really do it all?

Research doesn’t shine a promising light on the multitasking myth.  In fact, researchers are finding that our focus is decreased, actually divided between each task we do.

For example, let’s say my husband greets me as I arrive home and begins a  conversation.  At the very same time, my phone chimes to indicate an incoming email. While listening to my husband, I look down at my email.  Research shows that I only attend to 50% of my husband’s conversation and comprehend 50% of the email. My focus is reduced on both tasks. My gaze goes from my phone, to my husband, and back again, all the while assuring him with my words that I am listening, but in reality I miss important details of his conversation and misread the email.

Focus for a better you:

To be a better version of yourself – stop multitasking.  Your focus and attention to details will greatly improve, along with your relationships.  The gift of your full attention is precious and never wasted.

Cheers to leading a better, more simple life!

Want more?

Read the article Blow Up the Myth of Effective Multitasking  for more information about multitasking and focus.



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