Ohio Lacrosse Tournament

There is Only One Winner

It’s easy to classify yourself as a success or a failure, especially in the world of athletic tournaments.  But, does it have to be one or the other?

This past hot, humid weekend, my husband and I attended a two-day lacrosse tournament for my child’s travel team.  Success did not come easily in this competitive field of teams, and with our team’s failure to secure wins, we were recorded on the final tournament bracket as the losing team.

Losing is Not Failure

Underdogs, beaten by ten points almost every game, our team continued to show improvement in each match. Our players ran faster, blocked more defensively, and made more passes with increased confidence.  Still, these beatings were difficult to watch with the referees’ bad calls and some rough play by other, more aggressive teams. Our hearts bled witnessing our children struggle match after match.

Find the Success When You Fail

My enthusiasm and general cheerfulness got the better of me…imagine this: an annoying, loud parent screaming encouragement after missed shots and turn-overs…that was me!  My husband actually walked away from my cheering, embarrassed and in search of a more quiet view.  My positive exclamations weren’t the norm, but I cheered unabashedly to remind our players that their missed shots and mistakes were great lessons in their skill improvement.

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Cheers to witnessing success through failure!

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