The Gift of Giving

Unexpected gifts are the best. Last week, I received a beautiful memento from a friend. I had been looking for a special statue to rest at my brother’s gravesite, but I was struggling to find just the right one. My friend knew of my desire and made it her quest to locate just what I was looking for.  Presenting me the beautiful fairy statue was a symbol of our friendship, but also a touching reminder that giving is the key to happiness.

Suffolk Fairy Emily Statue by HomeStyles

True Happiness is Giving it Away

The fact is, the graciousness you reveal by the act of giving is even more valuable than the gift itself.  You can give a smile, give your time, give your compassion, all with no cost but great benefit to you.  As Maya Angelou so thoughtfully said, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”  Remember, every time you give your happiness away, you are gaining happiness in your own life.

Cheers to unlocking boundless joy by giving it away!

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