Sharing Love Through Heartbreak

Loving and Losing
The truest form of human capacity of love and loss.

When I came across this image, the love I saw through their loss, my heart stopped for a moment, and then I read the corresponding news article about the last day of a five year-old girl who died in the arms of her parents. The image was heartbreaking, yet beautiful. The healthy little girl, diagnosed with a quick-growing, rare form of brain cancer, left the family with limited time to share. The hospice nurse captured this moment as the little girl drew her last breaths.  She lay on her mother and father as they held her, gazing sweetly at her while her favorite Harry Potter movie played in the background. They were there for her first breath, and they remained there for her last.

All Humans Love, and All Humans Experience Loss

This picture evoked a human empathy that touched me personally.  I recognize through my relationships other parents who have faced love and loss.  I, myself, have lost a sibling.  This intense recognition of pain through loss in the picture engaged me, encouraged me to read more.  I’m sure it did to all who came across this USA Today article and picture. As a human race, through our differences, we all share this universal truth: Our shared time on Earth is filled with love and loss.  Our empathy unites us beyond bounds, beyond borders, beyond stereotypes.

Stay present in your life, each moment gifting your love as you journey around the sun.

Cheers to savoring each beautiful day sharing your love!

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