Emotional Balance: One Minute at a Time

I began running for exercise a while back and not only did I feel awkward, like a lumbering moose, but my lungs felt like they were going to explode. Very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I wanted to quit.
But then I found a running app that speaks, encourages like a running partner. One sunny day it declared to me, “Speed up for a minute. You can do anything for a minute.”
Yes. Yes I can.
You see, I struggle to keep balanced – and no, physically balanced is not my issue, but emotional balance is challenging. I try my hardest not to get frustrated when things don’t happened as I had planned, or pissed off when someone’s driving is ridiculous (because my driving is perfect…😉) But, can I stay in the moment, balanced for a minute?









Of course. I can do anything for a minute.

Cheers to keeping your peace – one minute at a time!

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