I spent years reliving the dysfunction in my past.

So much so, that I was unable to grow emotionally. And then I saw this sign in a local coffee shop:

I just had to have it, because it exemplified everything that held me back in my relationships, my profession, my life.

Let Go to Grow

I have successfully survived post-traumatic stress, transitioning to post-traumatic growth.  My dysfunction of suppressing the truth for years kept me trapped in a dissociative state where I knew the truth, but no one else acknowledged it, making me feel silenced, powerless.  Angry.  Until I finally spoke up in trauma therapy, opening the door to my prison of silence.  And I let it go.

Function from Dysfunction

By reading the text of my past aloud in trauma therapy, it allowed my mind to close that chapter, freeing it of the re-reading I had been doing to try to make sense of the dysfunction that I had survived.  The new chapters of my life are written by me, growing my relationships, professional confidence, and finding peace, sense of belonging that I had been searching for so, so long.



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