Are You in Chronic Pain?

I am, or used to be, but it’s getting better every day.  Let me open up and invite you behind the scenes to share my story of hope.

I have experienced strange, chronic inflammation for several years. I actually gained twenty pounds over the years that I felt “ill”.  Doctors listened to my aches, pains, and concern about my sudden weight gain, and they recommended that I lose the weight.  I kept telling my husband, “I don’t feel fat, I feel poofy.”  The joint pain and muscle aches sometimes overwhelmed me when I tried to exercise regularly, and the scale never budged.  I’ve spent days alarmed, scared, annoyed, and in different levels of pain with these erratic symptoms that appear out of nowhere and come and go as they please.

Though I’m in a situation I’d rather not be, I’m blessed.

I recognize this blessing every time I look at my symptoms from this perspective: My immune system is fighting. I’m healthy. Healthy enough that my own body is working, reacting to something, overreacting to be correct, but I give thanks for that.

I choose to help my immune system, help it anyway I can.

I am not a doctor, but I am the owner of this body.  I have intimate knowledge about it, more than anyone else.  I also know that my immune system is my defense system, so I decided to get behind it, offering it my full support.  This challenging path has been placed before me. I can choose to be frustrated and discouraged, or I can be determined to stay strong in body and mind, ready to face whatever comes my way.

We’re stronger than we think we are.

My Symptoms No Longer Control Me.

am back behind the wheel.  I thought to myself, “What is inflammation?”  It is my body reacting in defense, protecting me. Well, that made me wonder, “Reacting to what?”  And that thought prompted me to take action.  I appraised what I was putting into my body.  I decided to add more foods that reduce inflammation and remove common inflammatory foods from my diet.  I also read the pamphlets that accompany my monthly prescriptions, the pamphlets I regularly threw away without even looking.  I researched those drugs, analyzing the side-effects.  One of the drugs had never been studied for long-term use.  It was a drug that I had been on for years.  A drug that was not essential and carried many side effects.  I talked to my doctor and re-evaluated my prescription needs, weighing the benefits and risks.

There is Light Again.

With these changes, the inflammation has lessened dramatically.  My joint pain, muscle aches, intestinal pain has all improved.  That body puffiness has seemingly “drained,” leaving me back in the body I recognize.  I move more freely, more balanced.  Exercise is no longer painful, no longer something that I dread.  I continue to educate myself and decided to request allergy testing to rule out certain foods and ingredients as the cause of my heightened immune response.  I am not yet 100%, but each day I’m feeling better, more informed, and grateful that my immune system is working, maybe not perfectly, but it’s a work in progress-just like me.

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