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About Michele 

  Before Michele began her practice as an intuitive empath energy worker, she worked as an educator. Always feeling the call to serve, help, and lift others, her administrators noticed her natural ability to motivate and encourage others to reach beyond their self-imposed limitations and placed Michele in a cognitive coaching program.

     Michele began coaching professionals and instructing graduate courses at Indiana Wesleyan University and supervising undergraduates at Purdue University. In 2017, her husband’s career brought her to Cincinnati, where she found her life’s purpose and several Reiki Master Teachers and Energy Healing mentors.

     Michele is a certified Reiki Master. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force, and Seichim, the ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom, and is currently studying Western Tradition Shamanism in a two-year healing arts program.


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Blurry Yellow Flowers
“I enjoyed the reading with Michele very much. It was very therapeutic and exactly what I needed to hear to help me shift focus and personal barriers with work.”

Holly U., OH



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