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Fancy Night Event

Let's Plan A Special Event!


Let’s Plan a Special Event with Your Friends or Colleagues

     Whether it's a Girls Night, the holiday season, or a special occasio- NOW is the time to start planning!

     Imagine an evening of hanging out with your friends, getting tarot readings, followed by a group crystal bowl sound bath to relax alongside your friends. This event can be scheduled at The Studios @ be., or would you like to host an event at your location?

     I play the crystal bowls and read tarot at parties, retreats, and corporate events to bring fun and relaxation to participants. I also collaborate with local yoga instructors, massage therapists, and Reiki healers. Call or text me at 765-714-0589 or email to schedule a private session or to design your own event. Pricing varies based on location and group size.


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can design your event together!

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